Autograph Cars

State-of-the-Art Automotive Engineering


Autograph is unsurpassed in quality and unrivalled for style and individuality. Our extensive range of individual body styling, alloy wheels, suspension upgrades, engine tuning, interior styling and in-car entertainment systems will offer endless choice.

We specialise in VAG, BMW and Porsche models but we can offer a full range of services for all makes of vehicle.


It doesn’t matter what your requirements are or for what type of car. Whether it is as small as providing you with a bulb, or a complete custom built car we can help. Just get in touch and try out our limitless experience and services.


In addition to cosmetic and exterior customisation we offer specialist performance upgrades for most makes and models of vehicles, specialising in European Marques. Our experienced technicians operate from our in-house workshops and; in partnership with most trusted and favoured manufacturers in the tuning and performance parts industry, we can offer true quality of service and trusted workmanship.