Autograph ECU Remap Tuning

Specially developed hardware and software packages


There are many ways of tuning your car for more performance, ECU remapping, engine hardware changes and internal engine work. Here at Autograph we have developed our own ‘Staged’ tuning packages that use specific hardware and software combinations that can guarantee will provide results.


Hours of testing and adjusting ECU software to work in conjunction with specific hardware, driving in real world conditions on the road have resulted in conversions that really work. If your car is not listed below then please contact us because it is likely that we have a solution for you, we offer packages for most makes and models. Our ECU remap software is developed in-house to meet very specific criteria, for either fuel economy or performance. Enhanced throttle response, power and torque gains, smooth progressive power delivery and superb driveability are provided as standard. We can provide off the shelf maps or custom map your car to suit your requirements.


We also develop ECU software for the Maxd Out range of remap software.



ECU Remap Tuning - Explained


The basic procedure is that we change the parameters that control fuel, ignition, throttle response and boost control within the engine management control unit (ECU).


This data is held as hexadecimal or binary data that forms 3D Maps within a chip inside the control unit. These chips are flash programmable and can be read and written through the car's diagnostic port in most instances.


When we alter some of these parameters we are altering the map hence the term Re-Mapping. Car manufacturers use the same process to program software updates to cars when they go in for service etc, things like bug fixes they may have come across on new cars or when they may have hardware changes that are mandatory (recalls etc) that then require modified software to operate correctly.


When car manufacturers design engine software they choose to run engines way within any working limits of the mechanical design. This is for many reasons such as using poor fuel in various countries, drivers abusing the engines repeatedly, people not keeping to the recommended service intervals, very strict new vehicle exhaust emission regulations, even more strict new vehicle noise emission regulations, extreme operating conditions / climates and the fact that they aim to provide an engine that should last hundreds of thousands of miles. Also, many different models of the same car / engine are mechanically identical but the manufacturers run different software for different power outputs of the same vehicle to give the customer a choice that usually ends up with them spending more money for the higher power car! Given that the average sensible motorist doesn't fall into any of these categories, there is room for improvement with no detrimental effects.


The process also works the other way where we can provide a slight loss of power with significant improvement in economy for fleet users and motorists that do high mileage. As a general rule most turbo diesels can be given a 25% increase in power and torque and return 5-10% improvement in economy with a Stage One file under normal driving conditions. This is done by playing with the efficiency of the engine so that under light loads it uses less energy to create the same power as before it was modified.


We also offer a range of tuning files for automatic gearboxes. These include the BMW SMG and VAG DSG gearboxes, as well as some other Audi and Porsche automatic gearboxes. Several parameters can be modified to suit a tuned engine such as torque limiters, launch control points, shift times, RPM points for changing up and down gears and RPM limiters.


Speak to a specilaist about your vehicle and see how we can improve its performance and economy, please call 01772 812843.